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Topical Anchors

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My friend Aditya is conducting an experiment about “topical anchors”. Given a set of related words, a topical anchor is a word or phrase that best represents the given set of words. Quoting Aditya:

For example, if given the words ‘Sachin Tendulkar’, ‘Sourav Ganguly’ and ‘Rahul Dravid’, you have to answer with words about the subject they represent like ‘Cricket’, ‘India’ and you can also add ‘Batsmen’.


For the words ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Donald Duck’ and ‘Goofy’, you can think of the representative words to be ‘Disney’ and ‘cartoon’. There is no one right answer to the questions but do not be too generic by answering ‘humans’, ‘earthlings’ for the above mentioned cricketers and similarly do not be opinionated by answering ‘gods of cricket’, ‘old losers’. We need an answer which will represent the words best.

Aditya has developed some algorithms for automatically determining the topical anchors for a given set of words. He wants to calibrate his algorithms against human feedback. So, if you’re free, please do participate in this experiment and provide feedback.